Aplus DVD to H264 MP4 Ripper

Aplus DVD to H264 MP4 Ripper 5.00

Convert videos and films to H.264 o MP4


  • Compresses DVD's to around 10% of original size
  • Automatic shutdown option when complete


  • H.264 format not widely supported yet


Although H.264 is still a relatively new format, it offers incredible compression rations that can reduce your DVD films to around 10% of their original size. Aplus DVD to H264 MP4 Ripper allows you to do so and is very straightforward to use in 4 steps.

Before you start, the program will scan your system to see if your hardware can complete the conversion process successfully. The demands on the processor are quite intense and if you haven't got at least a Pentium 3 or equivalent, you may have problems.

Drag your DVD files into the file manager, select the output type (H.264 or Mp4), select an output destination and click start. You can also export the subtitle and select which audio tracks you want to keep. One particularly nice feature is the option to shutdown the computer automatically when the conversion process is complete. Bearing in mind that the conversion process can take hours depending on the size of the DVD, this is a really useful addition to the program enabling you to leave it running overnight.

As far as converters go, this does a great job. However, since the H.264 format is still relatively unsupported amongst DVD players and media players, you might think twice before converting to this format.

Aplus DVD to H.264 mp4 Ripper is an all-in-one professional H.264 converter software .

It's designed for anyone who wants to Backup DVD movies to H.264 format. With DVD to H.264 Converter , you can convert all your favourite DVD movies with the same quality but only 10% of the size.

Aplus DVD to H264 MP4 Ripper


Aplus DVD to H264 MP4 Ripper 5.00

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